Cool ways to use camo prints in men's wear. Both digital camo prints or traditional print on new fabrics and silhouettes.
Here are some of cool new sneakers from Vans
Rain, snow and more rain is coming. Wet season is around the corner but you don't have to look like a wet dog, here are some cool rain coat this season.
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When you look like you have founded The Fountain of Youth, never seem to aged since his rise to fame in the 90's by MTV drama " My So Called Life", having his film career spanned over 20 years and recently won  Golden Globe award for best supporting actor role in Dallas Buyer's Club. Also, he was named the 50 most beautiful people by People Magazine twice, made it to NME 100 hot list,  have multi-platinum records and make it to the list of the top 100 most creative people by Fast Company. That sums up Jared Leto's long  list of accomplishments, career wise at least.  Yes, he is a rock star, an awards winning actor, he is a genius in his craft as a musician/songwriter. Also, he is a vegan,  a philanthropist, an activist and environmental friendly.  

With all these achievements,  Jared Leto really  does not care of what people think of his clothes, he wants people to acknowledge his works. Do not let his attitude fools you, though, he might not look like he does care about what you think of his clothes but we can't help noticing his presence at the front row of many runway shows during the Fashion Week. Since, he is very creative person and his career allows him to show his creativity, most likely that transcended to his clothing styles as well. 

 Jared Leto's style is not what you would call classic American movie star's look or normally would seen most stars be wearing, his is more Grunge/Rock/Punk rock rolled up into one, more hard edge to his look.  His style is very eclectic. His styles changes through out phases of his career, but the elements and root of his style does not, it is straight from his music.

Overall, he has a unique  style and very fashion forward. If Jared could rock a poncho during fashion week, then I guess he can pull off anything he wears. When it comes to his shoes, Jared Leto got some killer black boots and high top sneakers too. He is a rock star and does dressed like one, wearing his studded leather jackets, studded jeans, long coats, embroidered military jackets, pins on trench coat and pairing them on skinny jeans are what we normally see him in. He has great hair and hairstyles too, from fro-hawk, mo-hawk, brunette or blonde, short hair or long hair, they all complimented his styles through out the years.

I always think of Kenzo or Yohji Yamamoto mixed with Vivian Westwood's styles every time I see him. With well tailored jackets or coats and pairing them with skinny jeans or leather pants and Hoghtop sneakers or black leather boots. When he is on the red carpet like Oscar or Golden Globe, he  does look stunning in his Tuxedo. The guy knows to wear right clothes for the occasions. When he's not playing dressing up for his music video shoots or his band Thirty Seconds to Mars's concert tours and rocking on stages, you would see him in Plaid shirts, hooded sweats, t-shirt, riding a bicycle to Wholefoods in LA, showing his true down to earth style.

If there is a color that you can bet your money on for the next 3 seasons, grey color would be it. From Springs 2013 up to Fall 2014, this color still dominates major fashion runways. It would be safe to say that grey color will not going anywhere yet and some might considered that it is a new black. It's also great on your shopping budgets. Even at D&G  or John Varvatos Springs/ Summer 2014, which most models appears in some sort of black color outfits or dark looking Rock 'n Roll outfits, they are not entirely a true black color; mostly are the deepest or darkest shades of grey.

Wearing grey jackets or coat with white  or tan pants/jeans in the Springs and darker colors in The Falls& Winter seasons, black pants or sports coats seem to  take a back seat at the moment, only shows up on trims, hems piping,  shoes and as some accent to colors blocking designs.  Which means you can have a choice of buying darkest grey suits instead of black color suits or pants. 

From sports coats, fur coats to t-shirts, they are everywhere and still more to come this Fall 2014. 
Why is grey color a good color to have? In any forms of space, lighting and designs; grey would bring the sense of modernism, fresh, futuristic elements to any items that splashed by this color. It sets as cool back ground for other colors or patterns to shine when mixed in combinations. It's like watching shades shadows on your walls and floors from the sun light that shines in from your windows.  If you really take a closer look..they are varies shades of grey.
 If apply that color and light theory in to clothes concept, then it is a safe bet that this color can be use as your base color since it's one of true nature color. Grey in any outfits and will give you a fresh and modern look while letting your other colors items shines through weather it might your shirt, tie, pants, jackets or even shoes.  Which means, with grey pieces together or with other colors you can hardly go wrong even if you have to get dress in the dark.
  WHAT IS THE DIFFERENT FROM GREY AND BLACK IN TERMS OF COMBINATIONS OR MIX& MATCH PURPOSES? Like when you see someone wears red and black together, it will creates such a contrast that is a 2 different things. The red color will strongly stands out but as a single unit. On the other hand, if your put grey color pants with  a pair of red sneakers or vice versa, it gives a different vibe when you look at it. It is more of 2 things complimenting each other while showing the contrast of each items. It will show as a whole unit not as an individual.
LOOK BOOK TIPS: Comparing the  looks between black/red and grey/red combinations. The red pants next to black shoes( even small amount of color in the entire outfit) gives stronger contrast than grey tops with red pants,  grey takes up more surface of your body but gives more softer approach and compliments red rather than fighting with red color.
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Many tabloids where pictures of Hollywood elites were shown, you would see him in lots of them. You watch entertainment news, he's there giving the interview or they are talking about him! When you walk by magazine stands, he is there staring back at you. Then you go home, turn your TV where his movies will be on, he'll make you laugh or cry. Like it or not, He's a part of your life.

He's not only have the X factor, he  got The Zac Factor! It seems like only yesterday when we saw Zac Efron as a young boy dancing and singing in High School Musical. All the boys went and get that hair cut after that. Today all he's all grown up right in front of our eyes as a very handsome young man,  his career has launch to the stratosphere and is not showing any sign of slowing down.  With fans across the globes and in large demographic numbers, this Hollywood leading actor is here to stay for quite a while.

Gracing many magazine covers through out his career from teen magazines, fashion magazines and fitness magazine. What makes Zac Efron be one of the most in demand and successful guy in Hollywood? Well, if we talked about magazine covers, most likely it will not be his nice guy personality that are loved by many.  Mr.Efron seems to have 3 deadly combinations going on for him. 

First, the cameras love his face.  His face is not only photogenic, it is very like able. People don't feel threaten when looking at him but was able to relate, like you would look at any boy next door kinda guys. Second factor is his hair & body. Perfectly sculptured body and  it is good enough to be on a cover of Men's Health magazine. With just 5'8" (1.73m) in height, that might not be runway model's standard did not deter the sales of clothes he was photographs in. Whatever he's wearing, people can imagine themselves wearing them.  His fluffy hairs that looks like he could roll out of bed and it will just look perfect. Whenever Zac has a new hair style, men in his generation or beyond  followed.  Last factor, his ability to act communicates strongly in his photographs and his emotions can be felt clearly through his piercing blue eyes.

The most important thing for anyone to be asked or considered to be put on front cover of fashion magazines, that  you are most likely successful and famous in your career or you got styles that people seems to love. Zac Efron got both.  

When come to his style, he loves beanies that's for sure. A T-shirts and jeans kinda guy. Very casual and down to earth approach to it but not sloppy. Whatever he wears and photographs in, you can guarantee that it will be sold out the next day. Whatever he is wearing, it is always appropriate for his age, occasions and they do fit him perfectly.

He is a great example why men needs to take good care of their bodies, make the best of what you got, wear clothes that fit your body, know what looks good on you by just not trying to wear everything you seen on magazines ads, where models with perfect body trying to convince you what you should wear.
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Selections of Springs/Summer 2014  bags from Bottega Veneta
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 Kim Jones's direction for this Louis Vuitton S/S 2014 collection is very marketable and have a sense of reality to it.  While his former boss, Marc Jacobs and Soccer superstar, David Beckham were sitting at the front row, Jones sent models in brown 1970's style brown leather jackets, preppy boys in plaids and boy scouts down the runway.  The overall look of this collection is clean, classic yet modern in which you expected from LV. This collection seems to really grabs concepts from its clienteles, the jet setters or world travelers.  The silhouettes are tall, lean but not tight. All pieces move with ease, models look comfortable in them.

The collection looks classy but not stuffy or pretentious. Actually, it looks comfortable yet playful. Grey plaid,  grey suits, and dark navy & black trousers work as base for the collection, colors come through jackets. There are tartan plaids in brighter blue on sports jackets and shorts which looks cool with new LV front chrome strip sole white sneakers. 

It is all in the details, from patches on leather jackets and pins on lapels begging you to look closer. The boy scout jackets with sewn in patches in front and back, silk varsity jackets, jeans jacket that made out of suede.

 The tie dye technique has quite luxurious look to it, dark grey with hint of red and blue. That is definitely is not Woodstock type of tie die. Other details such as crocodile patches on jacket's elbows,  inside cuffs lining on sports jackets, printed kimono silk tops. All these make you want to take a look closer to appreciate the quality and well thought out designs behind those interesting touches. 

New accessories cases in silver chrome color, new hand clutches with interesting designs, weekend bags, messenger bags, back packs, and hand carry bags with LV 's souvenir and badges weere also shown in the collection. Overall the collection works well, have great classic style and can easily be imagine it on real people. Just another great ready to wear collection from Louis Vuitton.
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One type of shoes that men should own or have in their closet today is definitely a Chukka boots. Celebs love them, you will see stars wearing their chukkas in and out of the airports. Why? Because they are super comfortable and not to mention very cool looking, they go with everything. What started off as boots for troops in Desert war during World war II, and made famous in the 40's -50's as casual shoes for men. 

Today's chukkas never look better! A far cry from its grandfather's generation, chukkas today are not restricted to just brown suede leather. Still true to its own shape, the handsome look of suede leather boots on crepe sole with 2-3 pairs of lace holes, they do now come in many colors, patterns, laces, and cool printed soles. There is a pair of chukka boots for every type of men and their personalities.  

One of the good reason to have this boots is because they are super comfortable, durable and  easily goes with many outfits. That's why most travelers prefer Chukka boots over other types of boots or shoes while travelling.  They can be worn from Springs to Fall  or even Winter if you got a mild one where you live.
Here are some cool chukkas and ways to wear them.

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Back to where it started. Burbery Prorsum returns home for the Springs & Summer Show in London. Under a large tent resembles a conservatory which sets in the beautiful Kensington Gardens, it was one of the most talked about show and to others, it was one of the best show in London this season. Burberry Prorsum is probably one of beloved brand by many and under the direction of Christopher Bailey(a genius that puts Burberry on the front runner in fashion world) , it was sure to held up its status.

"Writers & Painters " was the theme, Color schemes that looks like it was inspired by David Hockney and the writer whom inspired the collection was Alan Bennett. The show opening outfits grabs your attention immediately.   It sets the tone and sends a loud message to where the Prorsum line is headed. It took the color blocking to the whole new level. It's blocking by layering the outfits, in a smart way. The choice of colors were well chosen and very refreshing to see, while so many other designers are doing white, black and grey. The well thought out  color choices makes all pieces of this collection pretty much inter-changeable, easy to mix  and match, the tone is soft but masculine, fresh and young. All colors are grounded by dark grey, black & navy pants. You can pick any shirt and layering it with any sweaters, cardigan, jackets or shoes from the collection.

There are many high hem line pants sending down the runway, which seems to has its share in a spotlight at the moment. The  loose and boxy tailored jackets and long coats creates great silhouette, it's also easy to wear, fits most body types and looks really comfortable.

Overall, it is a great the collection, it's young, fresh,  and wearable. From marketing point of views, this collection does look great on the runway and will surely works on the photo shoot ads, window display, and on real people. This s/s 2014 collection would surely bring more new hip and young fashionistos to Burberry's doors. This is why we love Burberry Prorsum.  

For the look book & video from the show click

This lead singer of Maroon 5 is everywhere these days, from TV as a Judge and mentor on The Voice, magazine shoots and radio interviews, promoting his new album and tours. Adam Levine has an unmistakably unique  voice and so does his fashion styles.  Aside from his cool sleeves tattoos or rocking with  his scruffy 5 o'clock shadow,  his fashion styles are not your typical rocker.  They almost look preppy!

We know Mr. Levine loves knitted cardigans, plain white T-shirt, flannel shirts and baseball caps.  Don't let his semi preppy outfits fooled you because when this rock star is on his Harley Davidson, his rocker side does come out. You can spot him riding it down Hollywood Hills or on Sunset Strips wearing  plain white  or vintage T-shirts, jeans and leather jacket. Just one glance at him, it is undeniable to say that this guy is a Rock Star. 

Lucky for us that Adam is not selfish and keep his cool styles all to himself, he also has his own clothing line called "222" and his family's clothing business, M.Fredric   with stores in many location throughout Southern California such as Calabasas, Malibu and Newport Beach. If you like his styles, go check it out. You can rock your outfits Adam's styles and smells like him too, try out new Adam Levine's Cologne.

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Here is the good news for guys that love Hawaiian shirt or can't live without it. Hawaiian print seems to make its way on to major fashion runways.  Another good news from this is that, they do come without hideous Tiki torches prints,  tomato , pineapples, or Campbell can soup prints. Thank fashion God!! Also, they do fit better! 

This coming S/S 2014 collections, many designers will roll out collections with Hawaiian inspired prints on them, they are revolutionized Hawaiian shirts that will fit you more properly and will offers more Hawaiian prints in many types of shirts,shorts or jackets, even pants.
Please do yourself a favor and stop wearing those awful touristy or grandpa's style Hawaiian shirts outside Hawaii, you will have to pay someone to sleep with you wearing those horrible looking shirts. 

Go try some of these cool shirts on when they are available and get some. Here are some good examples of how to wear Hawaiian prints outside Hawaii the right way.
Vogue India thinks he's kinda cool , well we agreed! 
The Hot Singh, a cool style from Pradeep Singh Bara! This British fashionisto blogger, with his blend of styles between English and his colorful vibrant Indian's styles background can teach you a thing or two about new stylish mix of fitted tailoring suits and colorful pieces of clothing. You can follow him at his Singh fashion boot camp blog more article on him. 
He is one of the top name in Hollywood A list men today, yet very down to earth in person. What described him and his personality has also transcended in to his fashion styles. The result? You got Bradley Cooper, a hot hunk actor from Hangover 1-3 and Silver Linings playbook and his new movie, American Hustle. This guy got styles that is so effortless, masculine and sexy without trying too hard.  Every girl wants him that's for sure and  guys want to be him or to hangout with him.

If you are an actor and often got ask to grace the cover of many fashion magazines, then you know you are doing something right. One key point that we noticed, he makes every outfits he is wearing look so comfortable to wear. It makes us want to go out and get some.

Weather he is running around town looking super hot in t-shirt and jeans, tied his hair in a knot, jogging in his running shorts, wearing beanie or suits up for his red carpet moments, Mr. Cooper never disappoint the fashion world. From J.crew look to Tom Ford tux. Mr. Cooper has made classic styles of American sportswear proud.

more tips and Q&A from his Instyle & GQ interview

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