He is one of the top name in Hollywood A list men today, yet very down to earth in person. What described him and his personality has also transcended in to his fashion styles. The result? You got Bradley Cooper, a hot hunk actor from Hangover 1-3 and Silver Linings playbook and his new movie, American Hustle. This guy got styles that is so effortless, masculine and sexy without trying too hard.  Every girl wants him that's for sure and  guys want to be him or to hangout with him.

If you are an actor and often got ask to grace the cover of many fashion magazines, then you know you are doing something right. One key point that we noticed, he makes every outfits he is wearing look so comfortable to wear. It makes us want to go out and get some.

Weather he is running around town looking super hot in t-shirt and jeans, tied his hair in a knot, jogging in his running shorts, wearing beanie or suits up for his red carpet moments, Mr. Cooper never disappoint the fashion world. From J.crew look to Tom Ford tux. Mr. Cooper has made classic styles of American sportswear proud.

more tips and Q&A from his Instyle & GQ interview

[Photo Credit: Dara Kushner/FAME/GQ.COM/INFphoto.com, Kristin Callahan/ACE/INFphoto.com, Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images/http://www.vinspi.com.au/blog/style-tribute-bradley-cooper/http://bradleycoopernews.tumblr.com  ]

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