When you look like you have founded The Fountain of Youth, never seem to aged since his rise to fame in the 90's by MTV drama " My So Called Life", having his film career spanned over 20 years and recently won  Golden Globe award for best supporting actor role in Dallas Buyer's Club. Also, he was named the 50 most beautiful people by People Magazine twice, made it to NME 100 hot list,  have multi-platinum records and make it to the list of the top 100 most creative people by Fast Company. That sums up Jared Leto's long  list of accomplishments, career wise at least.  Yes, he is a rock star, an awards winning actor, he is a genius in his craft as a musician/songwriter. Also, he is a vegan,  a philanthropist, an activist and environmental friendly.  

With all these achievements,  Jared Leto really  does not care of what people think of his clothes, he wants people to acknowledge his works. Do not let his attitude fools you, though, he might not look like he does care about what you think of his clothes but we can't help noticing his presence at the front row of many runway shows during the Fashion Week. Since, he is very creative person and his career allows him to show his creativity, most likely that transcended to his clothing styles as well. 

 Jared Leto's style is not what you would call classic American movie star's look or normally would seen most stars be wearing, his is more Grunge/Rock/Punk rock rolled up into one, more hard edge to his look.  His style is very eclectic. His styles changes through out phases of his career, but the elements and root of his style does not, it is straight from his music.

Overall, he has a unique  style and very fashion forward. If Jared could rock a poncho during fashion week, then I guess he can pull off anything he wears. When it comes to his shoes, Jared Leto got some killer black boots and high top sneakers too. He is a rock star and does dressed like one, wearing his studded leather jackets, studded jeans, long coats, embroidered military jackets, pins on trench coat and pairing them on skinny jeans are what we normally see him in. He has great hair and hairstyles too, from fro-hawk, mo-hawk, brunette or blonde, short hair or long hair, they all complimented his styles through out the years.

I always think of Kenzo or Yohji Yamamoto mixed with Vivian Westwood's styles every time I see him. With well tailored jackets or coats and pairing them with skinny jeans or leather pants and Hoghtop sneakers or black leather boots. When he is on the red carpet like Oscar or Golden Globe, he  does look stunning in his Tuxedo. The guy knows to wear right clothes for the occasions. When he's not playing dressing up for his music video shoots or his band Thirty Seconds to Mars's concert tours and rocking on stages, you would see him in Plaid shirts, hooded sweats, t-shirt, riding a bicycle to Wholefoods in LA, showing his true down to earth style.


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