One type of shoes that men should own or have in their closet today is definitely a Chukka boots. Celebs love them, you will see stars wearing their chukkas in and out of the airports. Why? Because they are super comfortable and not to mention very cool looking, they go with everything. What started off as boots for troops in Desert war during World war II, and made famous in the 40's -50's as casual shoes for men. 

Today's chukkas never look better! A far cry from its grandfather's generation, chukkas today are not restricted to just brown suede leather. Still true to its own shape, the handsome look of suede leather boots on crepe sole with 2-3 pairs of lace holes, they do now come in many colors, patterns, laces, and cool printed soles. There is a pair of chukka boots for every type of men and their personalities.  

One of the good reason to have this boots is because they are super comfortable, durable and  easily goes with many outfits. That's why most travelers prefer Chukka boots over other types of boots or shoes while travelling.  They can be worn from Springs to Fall  or even Winter if you got a mild one where you live.
Here are some cool chukkas and ways to wear them.

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