Back to where it started. Burbery Prorsum returns home for the Springs & Summer Show in London. Under a large tent resembles a conservatory which sets in the beautiful Kensington Gardens, it was one of the most talked about show and to others, it was one of the best show in London this season. Burberry Prorsum is probably one of beloved brand by many and under the direction of Christopher Bailey(a genius that puts Burberry on the front runner in fashion world) , it was sure to held up its status.

"Writers & Painters " was the theme, Color schemes that looks like it was inspired by David Hockney and the writer whom inspired the collection was Alan Bennett. The show opening outfits grabs your attention immediately.   It sets the tone and sends a loud message to where the Prorsum line is headed. It took the color blocking to the whole new level. It's blocking by layering the outfits, in a smart way. The choice of colors were well chosen and very refreshing to see, while so many other designers are doing white, black and grey. The well thought out  color choices makes all pieces of this collection pretty much inter-changeable, easy to mix  and match, the tone is soft but masculine, fresh and young. All colors are grounded by dark grey, black & navy pants. You can pick any shirt and layering it with any sweaters, cardigan, jackets or shoes from the collection.

There are many high hem line pants sending down the runway, which seems to has its share in a spotlight at the moment. The  loose and boxy tailored jackets and long coats creates great silhouette, it's also easy to wear, fits most body types and looks really comfortable.

Overall, it is a great the collection, it's young, fresh,  and wearable. From marketing point of views, this collection does look great on the runway and will surely works on the photo shoot ads, window display, and on real people. This s/s 2014 collection would surely bring more new hip and young fashionistos to Burberry's doors. This is why we love Burberry Prorsum.  

For the look book & video from the show click


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