Many tabloids where pictures of Hollywood elites were shown, you would see him in lots of them. You watch entertainment news, he's there giving the interview or they are talking about him! When you walk by magazine stands, he is there staring back at you. Then you go home, turn your TV where his movies will be on, he'll make you laugh or cry. Like it or not, He's a part of your life.

He's not only have the X factor, he  got The Zac Factor! It seems like only yesterday when we saw Zac Efron as a young boy dancing and singing in High School Musical. All the boys went and get that hair cut after that. Today all he's all grown up right in front of our eyes as a very handsome young man,  his career has launch to the stratosphere and is not showing any sign of slowing down.  With fans across the globes and in large demographic numbers, this Hollywood leading actor is here to stay for quite a while.

Gracing many magazine covers through out his career from teen magazines, fashion magazines and fitness magazine. What makes Zac Efron be one of the most in demand and successful guy in Hollywood? Well, if we talked about magazine covers, most likely it will not be his nice guy personality that are loved by many.  Mr.Efron seems to have 3 deadly combinations going on for him. 

First, the cameras love his face.  His face is not only photogenic, it is very like able. People don't feel threaten when looking at him but was able to relate, like you would look at any boy next door kinda guys. Second factor is his hair & body. Perfectly sculptured body and  it is good enough to be on a cover of Men's Health magazine. With just 5'8" (1.73m) in height, that might not be runway model's standard did not deter the sales of clothes he was photographs in. Whatever he's wearing, people can imagine themselves wearing them.  His fluffy hairs that looks like he could roll out of bed and it will just look perfect. Whenever Zac has a new hair style, men in his generation or beyond  followed.  Last factor, his ability to act communicates strongly in his photographs and his emotions can be felt clearly through his piercing blue eyes.

The most important thing for anyone to be asked or considered to be put on front cover of fashion magazines, that  you are most likely successful and famous in your career or you got styles that people seems to love. Zac Efron got both.  

When come to his style, he loves beanies that's for sure. A T-shirts and jeans kinda guy. Very casual and down to earth approach to it but not sloppy. Whatever he wears and photographs in, you can guarantee that it will be sold out the next day. Whatever he is wearing, it is always appropriate for his age, occasions and they do fit him perfectly.

He is a great example why men needs to take good care of their bodies, make the best of what you got, wear clothes that fit your body, know what looks good on you by just not trying to wear everything you seen on magazines ads, where models with perfect body trying to convince you what you should wear.
pictures credit: Flaunt, GQ, Details, Getty image, tumbler,

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