This lead singer of Maroon 5 is everywhere these days, from TV as a Judge and mentor on The Voice, magazine shoots and radio interviews, promoting his new album and tours. Adam Levine has an unmistakably unique  voice and so does his fashion styles.  Aside from his cool sleeves tattoos or rocking with  his scruffy 5 o'clock shadow,  his fashion styles are not your typical rocker.  They almost look preppy!

We know Mr. Levine loves knitted cardigans, plain white T-shirt, flannel shirts and baseball caps.  Don't let his semi preppy outfits fooled you because when this rock star is on his Harley Davidson, his rocker side does come out. You can spot him riding it down Hollywood Hills or on Sunset Strips wearing  plain white  or vintage T-shirts, jeans and leather jacket. Just one glance at him, it is undeniable to say that this guy is a Rock Star. 

Lucky for us that Adam is not selfish and keep his cool styles all to himself, he also has his own clothing line called "222" and his family's clothing business, M.Fredric   with stores in many location throughout Southern California such as Calabasas, Malibu and Newport Beach. If you like his styles, go check it out. You can rock your outfits Adam's styles and smells like him too, try out new Adam Levine's Cologne.

(pics credit: Getty images North America/Roger Davies/


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